Steve Donoghue – Bass Clarinet


With most of his ensemble experience coming from Concert Band performance, Steve has been playing Saxophone for about 10 years. As well as The Ace of Staves, he is affiliated with several other local groups/bands including the Dearne Big Band, Mr Swing’s Dance Orchestra and Side Keys & Co.

Whilst primarily being a Saxophonist, Steve has added several other instruments to his pallet, reflected in his contribution to Staves by playing Bass Clarinet and Cello.  He enjoys new challenges and his versatility has seen him earn places in many different ensembles throughout the years, both large and small, and is now also branching out into solo gigs.

After 6th form, Steve went on to study a triple diploma in music practice for 2 years, furthering his smaller ensemble playing experience, aswell as his arranging abilities.

Besides performing, Steve’s outgoing nature helps him forge connections with his local community and he also has a talent for transcription which he enjoys doing in his spare time.


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