Melanie Long – Tenor Sax


Beginning at primary school, Melanie has had around 20 years of musical training.  Starting out like most on the recorder before graduating to clarinet, she was taking the first steps towards her dream of playing the saxophone.  Once in High school Melanie was able to turn her attention to her saxophone: working through the grades, performing in several different ensembles and increasing her musical theory knowledge.

Music has always been a huge part of Melanie’s life from playing to composing and this lead to her gaining her BMus Music degree from the university of Huddersfield in 2010.  Her love of music comes from her passion for its use in everyday life and it is the foundation of many of her important achievements such as tours in several European countries and parts in pit bands for popular musicals such as Bugsy Malone.

More recently Melanie has developed her knowledge of early musical education and the primary music curriculum, including teaching drums, recorder and singing to primary school children, before rediscovering her love of performing and her saxophone.






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